Golden Pass Products


The Golden Pass export project will be built and operated with the same determined commitment to safety as the existing facilities. LNG export projects undergo a rigorous application and permitting process before receiving approval to move forward. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) evaluates several criteria, such as energy security and price implications, in order to determine if an LNG export project would be in the public interest. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ensures the safe operation and reliability of proposed and operating LNG terminals. FERC works closely with federal and state agencies in its siting process. The review process ensures LNG terminals and associated LNG vessel traffic meet safety and environmental requirements during construction and operation. FERC is currently responsible for the regulation of the existing Golden Pass LNG facility and pipeline, and will also be responsible for the regulation of the export facility.

Permitting timeline

• Received DOE authorization for Free Trade Agreement countries in 2012

• Received FERC authorization in 2016

• Received DOE authorization for non-Free Trade Agreement countries in 2017

These achievements reflect years of effort in advancing the export project, setting the stage to help meet the world’s growing need for clean energy.


To view all Golden Pass Products regulatory filings and status reports on our FERC docket:

1. Go to

2. For Date Range, enter 05/01/2013 - present.

3. Enter Docket Number PF13-14, CP14-517 or CP14-518.

4. Click "Submit."