Golden Pass Products

Opportunity Roadmap

The Opportunity Roadmap will connect local people and businesses with opportunities created by industrial development in Southeast Texas.

The proposed Golden Pass Products LNG export project is expected to create thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs.  It would also generate economic gains in many industries including retail, construction, manufacturing, business services and transportation.  Golden Pass LNG is committed to helping local residents and businesses be a part of the growth. 

Golden Pass has created a set of programs - the Opportunity Roadmap - to do just that.  The Opportunity Roadmap will include initiatives to help businesses, job seekers and others in the community.

Local Business Initiative

The first phase of the Opportunity Roadmap, the Local Business Initiative, gave local businesses an opportunity to get “pre-screened” to work with the proposed Golden Pass LNG export project.

Businesses that successfully completed the pre-screening process were placed on a list for priority consideration.  Golden Pass provided that list to the project Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor, who will refer to this list when soliciting vendors and suppliers.

Golden Pass hired Veriforce, an expert in contractor screening, to facilitate the application process.  The “no fee” application process for Jefferson County businesses closed January 15, 2016. All businesses were welcome to continue submitting applications, but were responsible for Veriforce application fees.

Placement on the EPC list does not guarantee work for the project. Businesses on the list will receive priority consideration for work on the project, but must complete the qualification process and meet all Golden Pass project requirements in order to compete for selection.