Golden Pass Products


Commitment to Safety 

Safety is important to Golden Pass because we work and live here in the Golden Triangle and our families and friends do as well.  Keeping everyone safe is our primary focus.

The Golden Pass expansion project would be constructed and operated with the same unwavering commitment to safety as our existing facilities. The existing Golden Pass import facility and pipeline were permitted and constructed under rigorous safety, security, and environmental standards, and were approved by FERC in 2005 and commissioned in 2010. Through construction and operation, the Golden Pass Terminal workforce has continued to demonstrate our commitment through an excellent safety record. The facility has operated for more than seven years without a single OSHA recordable injury or lost time incident.


Commitment to the Environment  

Golden Pass is an excellent environmental steward. The expansion project would leverage the existing facility's industrial footprint, minimizing additional environmental and community impacts.  Golden Pass donated more than 800 acres of forested wetlands in Texas and Louisiana for wildlife protection and ecosystem restoration to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Ducks Unlimited and Jefferson County, Texas. Golden Pass also donated over 3 million cubic yards of material to restore areas within the J.D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area in Jefferson County, Texas, to improve fisheries and wildlife habitats and provide a natural buffer to reduce the impacts of tropical storms and hurricanes. 

Commitment to Community 

Golden Pass is an engaged, responsible neighbor. We are committed to maintaining our relationship with the Sabine Pass and Southeast Texas communities throughout the development and operation of this new project. We meet regularly with our Community Advisory Panel, which includes representatives of our neighbors in Sabine Pass, the city of Port Arthur, the Sabine Pass Independent School District, public officials, state agencies and other local organizations, to inform them about Golden Pass and listen to any questions or concerns they may have. Golden Pass also funded a new $1.5 million community center for local residents in Sabine Pass, Texas.