What is FERC?

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of electricity, natural gas and oil. FERC ensures the safe operation and reliability of proposed and operating LNG terminals in the United States.

FERC uses a comprehensive siting process that includes working very closely with federal and state agencies. The review process ensures that LNG terminals and associated LNG vessel traffic meet safety and environmental requirements during construction and operation.

FERC is currently responsible for the regulation of Golden Pass LNG Terminal and Golden Pass LNG Pipeline. FERC would also be responsible for the regulation of Golden Pass Products, if built. 



In May 2013, Golden Pass Products requested to engage in the FERC Pre-Filing Environmental Review Process. The FERC pre-filing process is a “path” for agency and public engagement in a project’s environmental permitting process before the proposed project formally submits an application to the FERC. Pre-filing is mandatory for LNG terminal facilities and related jurisdictional natural gas facilities.

Golden Pass will host open houses during the pre-filing process to provide the public with an overview of the proposed project and capture public input. The FERC will also host public scoping meetings in the local area to gather public input during the pre-filing process. 

Formal  Application

Golden Pass filed its formal FERC application in July 2014.

After Golden Pass receives FERC approval for the export project and has met all pre-construction conditions required by the FERC Order, FERC will authorize the commencement of construction.

Upon receipt of all government and regulatory approvals, Golden Pass will make a final investment decision on the project.

Prior to commencement of operations, Golden Pass must receive written approval from FERC. 

FERC Citizen's Guide

The FERC Citizen's Guide provides information about:

  1. How FERC’s procedures work
  2. What rights citizens have
  3. How the location of a pipeline or other facilities is decided
  4. What safety and environmental issues might be involved

Additional information on LNG can be found in FERC's LNG Overview