Local Business Initiative

It is Golden Pass LNG’s priority to hire qualified local vendors and suppliers as much as possible. In 2015, we launched the Local Business Initiative, which resulted in a pre-screened list of more than 150 Jefferson County businesses. This list has been provided to our Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor to ensure all involved with the project can share in our local hiring priority.

We have reopened the Local Business Initiative for local businesses and vendors interested in working with the project. If your business is located in Southeast Texas, we encourage you to complete the form below to join our 2019 Local Business Initiative list, which will be updated and provided to project contractors regularly. Businesses located in Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Jasper, Newton, Liberty, Tyler and Chambers Counties as well as the Bolivar Peninsula area of Galveston County will be given priority consideration. Learn more about the Local Business Initiative.

Placement on the Local Business Initiative list does not guarantee work with the Golden Pass LNG export project. Businesses on the list will receive priority consideration for work, but must complete the full qualifying process and meet all Golden Pass project requirements to compete for selection.

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